MENA Archaeo-Activism To-Do List

A group of colleagues convened at the 2016 ASOR meeting and drafted a plan. We are asking you to take a look at our plan and act in some way. Here are some of the sorts of actions we’re thinking about:

  • Are you already taking action in your community or on the job? Consider writing a short post for the MENA Archaeo-Activism website to share your experience so that others can learn from it. What works? What doesn’t? What resources should we all be aware of?
  • Want to organize a teach-in at the next ASOR meeting about the history of the term “Oriental”? Talk to funding agencies about the state of support for our discipline under the new administration? We’re looking for volunteers to propose related member-organized sessions for ASOR 2017 by Dec 15 (2016)!
  • Know about upcoming legislative initiatives? Comment periods with federal agencies related to research funding or heritage? Let us know so that we can share information and organize people to call or write in with their opinions!

You can see the full list of Action Items by looking at our Google Doc. You can start editing straight away — let us know what you want to do! And feel free to propose new action items.

Thanks for getting involved and making a better future for the people and sites that we care about.



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